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** Update 20 March 2012 **

Snow Patrol lead singer Gary Lightbody has written an apparently heartfelt response following the outcry created after he and fellow band member Paul Wilson were photographed participating in a dolphin interaction session with the dolphins at the Palm Atlantis, Dubai. Lightbody stated that the experience 'left him feeling sad; Margaux Dodds, captivity campaign director for Marine Connection comments; "We had expressed our disappointed and concern about their participation in this to the band and it is now our sincere hope that they have, after being given details of the effects captivity has on these animals and the conditions behind the capture of these particular dolphins, decided not to support this or any other facility holding captive dolphins, in the future."
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Snow joke for these dolphins

Recently images appeared of Snow Patrol's guitarist Paul Wilson and lead singer Gary Lightbody showing them with one of the dolphins at the Palm Atlantis in Dubai during a PR stunt when the band were in Dubai to headline the Sandance festival.

This is just the latest in a long line of images the Palm use featuring celebrities visiting the resort to promote their swim with dolphins programme. The Marine Connection has already commented on Snow Patrol's involvement and neither the band or their agents have as yet responded to the outcry these images have created.

The Palm takes full advantage of visiting celebrities as a promotional tool, however we have to wonder if these celebrities were made aware of the conditions surrounding the capture of these animals and the fact they were removed from the wild, over-turning a ban which had been put in place banning live captures for entertainment exports and the effect captivity has on these magnificant animals, whether they would so easily be able to smile for the camera?

It is vital that, having been used as a tool to promote dolphins in captivity, that Snow Patrol and others the Palm persuade to endorse their facility, are made aware of the truth behind the glitzy facade that the Palm use to gloss over the truth.

.... asking them not to patronise or promote this type of facility in the future.








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