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** Update : 17 December 2013 **
The online petition aimed at urging the Antigua & Barbuda government to legislate an all time ban on marine mammal captivity has nearly reached its target.

Thanks to all who shared and signed this. Marine Connection colleague Martha Watkins Gilkes, spokesperson of Antigua & Barbuda Independent Tourism Promotion Corporation (ABITPC) said she will soon be presenting the petition to the Prime Minister, (Baldwin Spencer), and Minister of Tourism (John Maginley), along with a letter requesting Antigua & Barbuda pass a law saying they will never allow captive marine mammals in the country. Maginley has publicly declared support for the ban, however it is vital that Parliament reflects the minister’s position which is on track to be discussed within the Cabinet this week. More campaign updates will follow soon!

** Update : 01 December 2013 **
We have some exciting news about support for this campaign. London-based Trevor Beresford Romeo OBE (aka Jazzie B); DJ, music producer and founder member of Soul II Soul, whose family hails from Antigua, where he also has a home, has added his voice to stop the establishment of this planned dolphin facility on the island and we would like to thank him for his support and interest in the campaign.

"I love Dolphins. Animals this size need the freedom of the ocean, that's their world, they need that space to be happy."

** Update : 24 October 2013 **
We are delighted to report to all our members that the Antigua campaign is gathering momentum with the Antiguan Minister of Tourism, John Maginley, recently adding his support to the campaign. We are confident that legislation will be passed to ban any future importation of captive dolphins into Antigua, especially with the Minister’s support behind it and we would urge everyone to add their voice to thank him for his support so far.

Please email The Hon John Maginley, Minister of Tourism for Antigua & Barbuda at – we can make a real difference to not only the future for captive dolphin facilities proposed in Antigua & Barbuda but for the Caribbean area in general.

** Update : 13 October 2013 **
Thank you to all our supporters who have so far signed the petition against establishing a captive dolphin facility in Antigua - by working together we can make a difference to help persuade the decision makers against allowing this to proceed.

With approximately five months to go to the elections on Antigua, it has already been confirmed by both parties that they do not support captive dolphins being exported for display on Antigua, therefore the time to act is now. If legislation against captive dolphins is passed on Antigua, it will have a huge influence on plans by other Caribbean islands who may plan to have captive facilities in the future.

Please continue sharing this page and the petition link - it is vital to help enable our colleagues working on the ground in Antigua against these plans as it will highlight to the Government the feelings of people globally against the formulation of captive dolphin facilities on Antigua.

Keep Antigua free from captive dolphins
(10 October 2013)

Marine Connection is supporting the campaign to have a law to be passed banning the keeping of captive dolphins and whales in Antigua. The Antigua Barbuda Independent Tourism Promotion Corp (ABITPC) has launched an online petition after learning that the Dolphin Cove facility in Jamaica has shown interest in establishing a swim-with-dolphins programme in Antigua.

A similar dolphin project was rejected many years ago as a result of the environmental problems the project would have created including damage to surrounding coral reefs where the dolphin pens would have been located. Dolphin waste in concentrated areas can cause a blue green algae over bloom which covers and kills live coral. Popular with cruise ship companies, Antigua is approx 14 miles long and 11 miles wide, Marine Connection colleague Martha Watkins Gilkes who lives on Antigua has already held discussions with the Minister of Tourism, The Honorable John Maginley, who has confirmed that he would support the banning of captive dolphins but to do so, legislation needs to be put in place.

How You Can Help Stop This

Please sign the petition and share the link with friends, family and colleagues to help persuade the Antiguan Government against allowing this facility to be built on the island.






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