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UK Dolphin & Wildlife Watching Trips

Comments from just some of our passengers:

'Fantastic! Great information on trip, saw lots of dolphins'
Tanya Moore
'Exhilirating! Thoroughly enjoyed by all'
McAvoy Family
'Amazing! Hundreds of common dolphins all around us'
Sarah Passmore
'Fab! Lots of enthusiasm, will definately come again'
Charlotte Skippings
'Lovely Trip! Really enjoyed seeing the basking sharks'
Thorpe Family

Seeing dolphins or whales in their natural environment is always a magical experience and gives the ideal opportunity to raise public awareness about the conservation and protection of these marine mammals and other marine wildlife.

It must be remembered however, that any water based activity has the potential to cause disturbance, therefore the Marine Connection only work with approved boat operators which follow strict Codes of Conduct to ensure no disturbance is caused to the marine wildlife and who also have experienced guides onboard.

The variety of species you will encounter is dependent upon many factors; including location, time of year of your visit and the fact that the animals you are viewing are wild, living in their natural environment. Therefore whilst specific species sightings cannot be guaranteed, some of those seen include; bottlenose, common and Risso's dolphins, porpoises, seals and basking sharks, plus there is also the opportunity to see some larger species including fin and minke whales.

To ensure a personal service, safety and comfort of all passengers, group numbers are kept to a maximum of 12 per boat. Money raised from these trips supports not only vital research relating to the conservation and protection of marine mammals that frequent the areas but also contributes towards other important Marine Connection projects and campaigns worldwide.


Duration of Trip 2 Hours
Cost £27.00 per person

Cornwall (Year round)

Wales (April to October)

Scotland (April to October)

For further information or to book a trip please call :
+44 (0) 20 7602 1574

Other information:
Minimum age for participants is five years. As our trips are very popular in the spring/summer months please book early to avoid disappointment. Onboard there is full commentary and interaction between passengers and crew and great opportunities for photographing the marine life. Passengers are required to dress warmly and wear low, flat shoes - life jackets are provided for your protection and safety. In the rare event of your trip being cancelled due to inclement weather, you are requested to contact the Marine Connection direct who will be pleased to re-schedule your booking for another suitable date.








Conservation through education - protecting whales, dolphins and the world's oceans for the future generations